Consultancy Benchpress 2020

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We are surveying the consulting business owner community to find out what’s really behind running the most successful consulting businesses.

Take part and benchmark your business against similar sized consultancies and compare yourself to those with the highest growth rates. Understand the art of the possible in key metrics that will offer real insight into the potential to improve your performance.

Take the survey now and receive a summary of the report in September. Members of The Consultancy Growth Network receive the full report.

Peter Czapp explains the benefits of benchmarking yourself against your peers, drawing on his vast experience of helping companies to completely transform; by utilising the incredible insights made available to them as a result of taking part in the survey. 

Benchpress topics include:

Team performance

  • Consultant pay
  • Utilisation rates
  • Shrinkage
  • Managed revenue targets
  • New business targets


  • EBITDA %
  • Gross margin %
  • Growth rate %
  • Overhead ratios
  • Costs as a % of revenue e.g. marketing spend


  • New business conversion rates
  • Client day rates
  • Client retention
  • Length of relationship
  • Average client value
  • Most productive lead sources


  • Number of services
  • Number of sectors
  • Number of geographies


  • In-house vs outsourced services
  • Permanent to associate mix
  • Staff attrition