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The Consultancy Growth Network

Landmark event provides crucial insight into growing your consultancy

The Consultancy Growth Network saw over 100 members gather at a packed event in London for the release of the results from The Consultancy BenchPress 2023, the leading benchmark survey and report for founder-led consultancies turning over <£30m in the UK and Ireland.

A collaboration between The Consultancy Growth Network and The Wow Company, more than 250 consulting business owners have responded to the survey, which is now in its third year.

In a room buzzing with positivity, camaraderie and mutual support, Marc Jantzen, CEO and founder of The Consultancy Growth Network kicked off the event with the message that ‘just one benchmark, KPI or insight has the potential to transform your business’. This set the tone for Peter Czapp (founder of The Wow Company), who presented compelling evidence that founder-led consultancies need to take action now to mitigate the risks of recession. The survey findings highlighted six key opportunities for boutique consultancies to raise their game:

  1. be smart with your pricing
  2. get closer to your clients
  3. spend more time on new business
  4. reduce your reliance on a single client
  5. measure more
  6. invest in technology

Far from doom and gloom, the launch event brimmed with insight, energy and optimism. A lively and engaging Q&A explored hot topics, such as how to measure NPS, pricing strategies and ideas to embed a referrals programme. Attendees then had the opportunity to dive deeper into the themes that mattered most to them at breakout sessions facilitated by The Consulting Growth Network’s panel of Growth Experts and other specialist providers. Discussions and key takeaways covered themes such as How to create a sales culture, Pricing strategies, Growing margin not just revenue and Account planning.

As well as providing valuable benchmark data, the gathering was also about the power of The Network, getting heads together and sharing wisdom. As Augusto Negrillo, Growth Expert put it, “in The Network, even though we are at many stages of growth, we all talk the same language and are focused on the same things. Sharing experiences is so important”. Candice Finn, Commercial Director at Litmus Partnerships and new member of The Consulting Growth Network is already seeing the benefits, “Everyone is very genuine; they are leaders within their own fields. In every conversation I have learned so much.”

Armed with powerful tools, insight, and advice, Network members are integrating the benchmarks of all the Consultancy BenchPress reports into their board meetings and targets and using them to support their growth. “I’ve already taken back so much into my business, and I will again today” said Tom Madden, head of Commercial Development at Hatching Ideas, “From the resources available to us, to attending speaker events, it has really helped us to generate our business plan.”

The event also provided an invaluable opportunity for founder-led consultancies and their teams to network, share experiences and develop relationships across the boutique consulting sector. Chris Parry, who grew her own consulting business to £10m turnover before its acquisition by IBM, summed up the value, saying ‘I wish I had benchmarks and events like this when I was building my business!’.

It’s all about enjoying the ride, as Marc Jantzen explains, “today’s event has given people an insight into the art of the possible. Often running a business, you are head down and focused on gettingthings done, I’ve been there myself. Events like today give you the chance to stop trying to reinvent the wheel, avoid the pitfalls and enjoy the journey to growth.”

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Written by

Amy Rashbrooke

The Consultancy Growth Network