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From difficult conversation to winning negotiation

Wednesday 1 November 2023




Sometimes life feels like one big negotiation – especially if you have teenagers! The truth is negotiation is one of the most important commercial and life skills, yet many people feel nervous due to a lack of confidence or process and will actively avoid it even if it costs them.

This workshop, hosted with Mark Grice from Total Negotiation (one of our members), offered a practical and collaborative approach underpinned by a thorough preparation process coupled with building confidence by practicing and sharing insights into how negotiations work.

The session included a simple framework to approach negotiations along with tips to handle some of the more challenging situations consultancy leaders face, be that negotiating with clients or members of your team.

Your speaker

Mark Grice

Mark Grice is a negotiation expert with commercial and people development experience, specialising in complex, multi-party negotiations, global alignment.

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