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The Consultancy Growth Network

How to build client advocacy

Tuesday 21 May 2024




Most early-stage boutique consulting firms deliver a great client experience. In fact, it is one of the things that sets them apart from the bigger firms. However, the challenge is to sustain that level of client experience as you scale.  

In the early days, founders are typically involved with every client and they intuitively know when and how to engage with the client. As the firm grows, balls get dropped but the team compensate through working harder and longer to please the client, or one of the partners swoop in, to turn things around. This is a familiar trajectory – why? Because early-stage teams tend to shy away from process, they see it as stifling their creativity rather than what it really is when done well – creating space for even more creativity. 

Defining and investing in your client experience could just be the thing that is going to deliver all that you are looking for in your business… 

  • happy clients consistently getting a top notch experience 
  • empowered teams that are committed to creating client advocacy 
  • successful projects that get delivered without your involvement 
  • the space for you to focus on the future of your business. 

This workshop will explore:

  • what does true client advocacy look and feel like? 
  • how do you create it even when you’re not there? 
  • why bother? 
  • what are the classic mistakes? 
  • examples of a great client journey for you to make your own. 

Our speaker

Marc Jantzen

Marc is the founder of The Consultancy Growth Network. He previously built and sold his multi-award winning sales, service and cultural transformation consultancy, Blue Sky, to Capita for £10m. He now advises, coaches and mentors consulting leaders across all aspects of their growth journey, with a particular specialism in sales.

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