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The Consultancy Growth Network

SALES SERIES: How to ask for a referral and actually get one

Tuesday 30 March 2021


Why are referrals so valuable?  Three good reasons are:

  1. they are more likely to convert than any other source of lead
  2. they carry the lowest cost of sale than any other deal
  3. your client is more likely to treat you like a partner leading to longer term engagements.

Despite the fact that on average 41% of consulting business revenue comes from referrals, the vast majority of consulting businesses do not have a documented, thought through referral strategy. This workshop changed that by:

  1. sharing key learnings around both the processes you need to put in place and the mindset shift you need to create
  2. based on a proven methodology, working with you to develop the specific language you need to use to maximise the return on your referral requests
  3. creating an environment where participants got the opportunity to make a referral request of fellow owners.


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