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Survey of strategic alliances in consultancies

In our Consultancy BenchPress 2020/21 report we noted a rise in the value of strategic alliances in the consulting sector. Strategic alliances were the second largest source of new business generation for consultancies turning over £/$0.5m – 20m.

For many owners of consulting businesses, partnerships act as a vehicle to share costs during a time of industry pressure and gain competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market where both team and client dynamics are being disrupted by the pandemic. There is however limited guidance for owners of consultancies on how to ensure these alliances succeed.

Our growing community of founder-led consulting firms are building systems and processes that create a business development engine for sustainable growth in 2021 and beyond. A key component of this is the creation of a robust and comprehensive referrals and strategic alliances strategy.

Marc Jantzen

In response to these findings, we are producing a guide with expert contributions on how consulting business owners can effectively develop and implement strategic alliances. Our guide will be released to our membership in March. It will cover the different types of alliances used in the consulting sector, recent industry trends driving partnerships, as well as expert tips on how to make them work effectively.

The findings of the survey, which will underpin this upcoming guide, is aimed at owners / directors of founder-led consulting firms generating between $/£ 250k and $/£ 20m in revenue.

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Written by

Ali El Moghraby

Head of Marketing

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