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Consultancy BenchPress is the largest survey of founder-led consultancies in the UK. It is a rare opportunity for the owners and leaders of consulting businesses turning over <£20m to compare themselves to their peers. 

Completing the survey gives consultancy owners access to the BenchPress report when it is released on Thursday 27 January.

This year, we are finding out which characteristics are key in the highest performing consultancies, how you and your peers are adapting to the effects of Covid-19 and where you expect future growth to come from.

We are also taking a deep dive into your people strategy, including

  • assessing the most effective talent retention and attraction strategies
  • the resourcing models and hiring plans of the most profitable consultancies.

If you are new to Consultancy BenchPress, take a look at last year’s report – you will see that Consultancy BenchPress 2020/21 is full of data and insights that owners have been using to improve the performance of their consultancies.

The more people who complete the survey, the more valuable the insights we can derive from it. So please take this opportunity to enter your details and help the consulting owner community grow while enjoying the journey.

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Article | Strategy and Leadership

Written by

Marc Jantzen


The Consultancy Growth Network