12 ways to increase LinkedIn engagement

LinkedIn is one of the primary channels through which consultancies find new leads. If you’re looking to increase the ROI from your LinkedIn activity, here are our top tips for increasing engagement in your LinkedIn posts.

Nail your headline

The first sentence needs to make the reader pause and think ‘I’ve got to know more’.

Use questions

Ask for opinions, invite sharing of experiences and get people thinking.

Be explicit about your audience

Say who you’re talking to and express why your post is relevant to them.

Tell a story

Keep it short, write in concise sentences and use plenty of paragraph breaks.

Use emojis

If it suits your writing style and personality, but don’t go overboard!

Add value

Offer something new or share something of what you know that your network may not.

Add a link

Or don’t. Not all posts need one – make it work if it’s there.

Link to third party content

And don’t be afraid to politely disagree and invite a conversation with the author.

Tag people

Make sure they are relevant, and think of the well-connected people.

End with a CTA

Re-iterate your opening comment/question. Be explicit about what you want to happen next.

Add <3 hashtags

Think of the topics people will be searching for.


When people comment on your post, like the interesting ones and comment back.

Don’t forget to:

Include an image, video or doc

They help make your post eye-catching / scroll-stopping.

Launch the odd poll

They are fantastic for engagement, particularly the simple, more personal ones.

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Written by

Ali El Moghraby

Head of Marketing

The Consultancy Growth Network