The Consultancy Growth Network is a membership-only peer community for owners and leaders of consulting businesses. Our mission is to advance the depth, quality and impact of consulting firms nationally and globally. TCGN achieves this by making highly relevant knowledge, tools, advice and support, accessible to consulting business owners.

We are an elite network of professional advisers and service providers to the consulting community and offer the most robust, insightful performance benchmarking report in the consulting industry. With access to peer groups in local and global markets, learning, growing and transforming through the quality of your contact network has never been easier.

Expert Advisors

Specialist Providers

Benchmark Report

Central to the network is our panel of expert advisors, all of whom have a wealth of experience growing consulting businesses. Between them they have advised hundreds of owners.

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Specialist Providers

Specialist providers are niche consulting industry advisors who answer questions on the online forum, attend conferences and share insights through webinars / talks.

The Consultancy Growth Network Team

Photo of George Berrington

George Berrington

George is our Sales and Community Manager. He has worked in sales and development for 8 years, and is the day to day contact for the Network’s members. George puts great effort into getting to know them and understanding their business needs. If you have any questions about membership or the network in general, George is your guy!

Photo of Dom Moorhouse

Peter Czapp

Having spent 7 years building The Agency Collective, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Consultancy Growth Network team on how to grow a vibrant community that delivers huge value to its members. As well as helping us run our consultancy benchmark survey, BenchPress, Peter shares insight and best practice on the subjects of cash flow, profitability, and sustainable growth via his accountancy firm, The Wow Company.

Photo of Ali El Moghraby

Ali El Moghraby

Ali is Head of Marketing. She has 16 years’ strategic marketing experience in professional services, including at a Big Four accounting firm, a £200m global consulting business and a young and rapidly growing digital and business transformation consultancy.

Ali believes that critical to the success of professional services businesses is thoughtful, directional and relevant communication.

Photo of Marc Jantzen

Marc Jantzen

Marc is the founder of The Consultancy Growth Network. He has a background in leading performance improvement programmes with some of the world’s leading brands, including Virgin, O2 and Barclays. Marc is a business growth specialist who previously built and sold his own consultancy business and now mentors consultancy business owners, enabling them to achieve their growth objectives.

Marc’s underlying belief is that we are all work in progress and no matter how successful you are there is always so much more to learn.

Photo of Dom Moorhouse

Dom Moorhouse

Having codified his learning from growing a successful consulting business, Dom is a major contributor to the network’s content strategy. He also helps us design and deliver the insights the network shares with our members and the broader independent consultancy community, playing active roles in our events as well as on our Slack channel. Dom also brings a wealth of coaching, mentoring and NED experience to the network and its members.

Photo of Stephen-Will Weir

Stephen-Will Weir

Based in California, USA, Stephen supports the global growth of the network by leveraging his wide-reaching relationships across multiple geographies and sectors. Stephen is committed to creating a globally connected community of consulting business owners and is the first point of contact for members outside of the UK.

The Consultancy Growth Network Values

Our values are expected of our members and ourselves.

Abundance Mentality

There is plenty of work to go around. This means our members openly share experiences and ideas.

Collective Ambition

We challenge each other with curiosity and compassion. We are proactive in our endeavours to create opportunity for all members through partnerships and other means.

Mutual Trust

The community thrives because members feel safe and fellow members have their best interests at heart.