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The Consultancy Growth Network


Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions
about The Consultancy Growth Network.

About us

The Consultancy Growth Network is a community for boutique consultancy leaders and their teams to access insights, introductions and actionable advice. At its core are a panel of Growth Experts, all of whom have grown and sold at least one consultancy, and several Specialist Providers in areas including sales, marketing and people. Nearly 300 members enjoy benefits including online and in-person events, networking and referral opportunities, an active and supportive Slack community, and training and development courses. A dedicated member area, the Growth Hub, provides a customisable library of learning resources and tools. Consultancy BenchPress, the UK&I’s leading benchmarking survey, and The Consultancy Awards are owned by The Network.

Our mission is to connect and enable owners and leaders of boutique consultancies with the knowledge and insight to address key challenges, avoid the pitfalls and achieve success on their growth journey.

From working on your marketing strategy to winning new clients, your dedicated community manager will work with you to recommend key resources, make direct introductions to like-minded consulting leaders and get you access to expert advice.

Find out more about becoming a member.

The Consultancy Growth Network is the only community network for boutique consulting firms in Europe. You’ll never find anything as relevant and targeted to you, your team and your business. We are specifically addressing the challenges and topics faced by boutique consultancies: At our events you are always sat next to someone who is doing what you are doing or trying to do. On our community Slack channel, the conversations are relevant to the challenges you are facing. Our Growth Experts are unrivalled in the strength and depth of their experience when it comes to guiding and advising consultancies, while our Specialist Providers are highly skilled in the consulting sector.

Check out our testimonials page and hear from our members.

Our members are consultancies that are ambitious to grow. Headquartered in the UK and Ireland and turning over up to £30m they cover the full breadth of sectors and specialisms within the consulting space.

Becoming a member

There are 3 tiers of membership available.


A single membership for the owner of the business with access to all resources.


Membership for up to three senior members of your team. Includes access for your senior marketer to join our sub-community, Marketers in Consulting.


Corporate membership plus up to six days per annum of one-to-one support from your dedicated Growth Expert.

For more details, see our membership page.

Book an introductory call with our Partnerships Director, Luke Badiali who will explain more about The Consultancy Growth Network and what we offer. He will then ask you some questions about your consultancy and together you will be able to decide if we are the right network for you.

Once you decide to become a member, Luke will introduce you to our community team who will take it from there.

Corporate membership is available for those consultancies who would like up to three senior members of their team to access resources, attend events, and much more. We can also add further senior team members for an additional monthly charge. It’s a great way to share the load and make the most of your membership.

If you are interested in an upgrade, speak to your community contact, via The Growth Hub.

As a member you will have regular check-in calls with your community contact to ensure that you are aware of all the places where you can get value from your membership. These include:

• time with a Growth Expert
• the tools and frameworks available to you on your dedicated member area, The Growth Hub
• benchmarking your consultancy through the annual Consultancy BenchPress survey and report
• introductions to relevant partners
• attending events where you can build relationships with peers and identify potential partnerships
• access to further opportunities, including the Growth Accelerator Programme, Training and Awards.

Head to our testimonials page to hear our members describe the value they get from being part of the Network.


All our members are ambitious leaders of growing boutique consulting firms. They are all supportive of each other, honest and generous with their experiences and ideas and keen to learn and develop. Our membership consists of consulting firms across a broad range of sectors and specialisms, from management consulting to training to advisories, headquartered in the UK and Ireland and turning over up to £30m.

Hear from our members.

Yes we do. But we primarily focus on companies headquartered in the UK and Ireland.

Our panel of Growth Experts are all former consulting business owners who have sold their firms for between £10m and £30m. Their experience crosses sectors and specialisms, and they now all coach, mentor and advise owners within and outside the Network.
Their contributions are varied, including hosting events, contributing ideas on Slack and sharing their insights with new members through their Strategic Reviews.

Learn more about our panel of Growth Experts.

Upon joining The Network, you will be invited to choose a Growth Expert with whom your annual strategic review will take place. These happen within the first three months of joining.

If you are due a strategic review, get in touch with your community contact via The Growth Hub.

90 minutes for those with professional membership or three hours for those with corporate membership. Prior to this, you will have a 20-30 minute chemistry call to be sure we have connected you with the correct expert.

Not sure which membership option to choose?

See our Membership page for more details.

Slack is a messaging app for businesses. Our members use it as a community platform to ask and answer each other’s questions and for our experts to contribute their ideas in support of our members as they grow.

Head over to Slack.

We’re delighted that lots of our members meet, connect and go to market with fellow members on a regular basis, building their own connections by exploring and interacting within our online community and at in-person sessions.

Your community contact will also work with you to introduce you to consultancies where they think you may have opportunities for strategic partnerships. These opportunities will be discussed at your regular check-in calls.

You also be invited to our Sector Referral Forums to collaborate with those in your chosen sector. All our in-person events include facilitated networking sessions.

Check out our testimonials page for some examples.


Please get in touch with your community contact if you wish to upgrade – or click on the button in The Growth Hub. For more information about the various membership options available, visit our Membership page.

Speak to your community contact or email our Community Director, George Berrington

Once you have paid your subscription there is a 14-day cooling off period during which you can get a full refund. Once that date is passed you can still cancel your subscription and terminate the delivery of our services however such termination will not result in a refund.

Please visit our terms of membership page for full details or get in contact any time by emailing

Payment for membership is made via GoCardless direct debit.

Membership is on an annual or monthly basis. Annual subscriptions will be automatically renewed each year until terminated by either party. You will automatically be charged using the same payment method you first supplied. Monthly subscriptions will continue on a rolling basis until terminated by either party.

Please visit our terms of membership page or get in contact any time by emailing

Yes. We offer one month free if you pay annually in advance.

We do not offer refunds. When a member leaves, there is a one month notice period.

There are no minimum contract terms however when a member leave one month’s notice is required.

Growth Hub

The Growth Hub is our dedicated member area. A customisable dashboard with hundreds of learning resources, tools and insights, event alerts and bookmarks, and a searchable member directory.

The Growth Hub is only available to members. It can be accessed via the member login button on The Consultancy Growth Network home page.

Click on the ‘Forgot username or password?’ link on the Growth Hub login page, here.


We host quarterly in-person events which are a great opportunity for you to get to know your fellow members and our Growth Experts and Specialist Providers.

On an ongoing basis your community contact will also introduce you to fellow members they think you would benefit from knowing. Please speak to them if you are looking for any particular strategic partnerships.

Yes. We offer monthly events online and we get together in person on a quarterly basis.

Visit the events page to explore our upcoming and past events.

Our in-person events are usually held in London.

Our events are exclusively for our members. Non-members are invited to join one of our events (excluding our referral forums) as a free taster before choosing to join.

All events are exclusively for our members. Non-members are invited to join one of our events (excluding our referral forums) as a free taster before choosing to join.

There is a ticket price for non-members to attend our Annual Summit and BenchPress launch event.

Training and other programmes

Yes. Even if you are not a member, you can still attend our training. However, members get a significant discount.

Check out The Consultancy Training Academy.

Marketers in Consulting is a 12-month members-only programme for marketers working in consultancies to discuss the marketing challenges you are facing with a dedicated marketing expert and your peers. Cohorts meet online for ten Marketing Accelerator sessions each year. This is not an expert-led training programme – while Marketers in Consulting is hosted by a marketing specialist, the emphasis is on peer discussion.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Luke. If you are already a member contact George.

The Growth Accelerator Programme (GAP) is a member-only forum to discuss the challenges you are facing along with the practical application of the learning you’re getting through the Network. Hosted by your dedicated Growth Expert, your cohort consists of a small number of consultancy owners (and fellow members) with complementary propositions who are all at a similar stage of their growth journey.

Within the 12-month programme, cohorts meet online for ten ‘Growth Accelerator’ sessions each year. This is not an expert-led training programme – while Growth Accelerators are hosted by the Growth Expert, the emphasis is on peer discussion.

Discover more about the Growth Accelerator Programme (GAP).


Yes, The Consultancy Awards are available to all consultancies as objective recognition of the hard work, ingenuity and care they deliver.

All information can be found at

The entry price is £400 for non-members and £240 for members of The Consultancy Growth Network. Discounts are available for multiple entries.

Partnerships and Growth Experts

Our panel of Growth Experts is central to our community. They are all incredibly experienced business leaders, coaches, mentors and investors. If you are interested in joining the waiting list, please contact Marc Jantzen.

Our Specialist Providers are invited to play a key role in our community as experts in their relevant fields. Existing Specialist Providers include businesses focused on finance, marketing, sales and people. If you would like to be involved, please contact Luke.

A Referral Partner is an organisation with whom we put our members in touch if they have a specific need for a service that we can endorse. Please contact Luke if you are interested

We’d love to hear from you if you are an expert in a topic featured in one of our upcoming events. Contact Ali.

Do you have a specific request? Talk to us directly…

Interested in becoming a member? Get in touch with our Partnership Director, Luke.

Already a member and need to ask a question? Our Community Director, George can help.