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Consultancy BenchPress

What is Consultancy BenchPress?

Consultancy BenchPress is the leading UK&I benchmarking survey specifically focused on the performance of boutique and founder-led consulting businesses. The Consultancy BenchPress Report is compiled from the results of the survey and presents real and relevant comparable KPI data alongside insights, tips and tools to support the growth of ambitious boutique consultancies.

Participation in the annual Consultancy BenchPress survey offers the opportunity to compare your key performance metrics with those of the top-performing and most profitable consultancies in the market.

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Why should I complete the Consultancy BenchPress survey?

Participating in Consultancy BenchPress has three key benefits.

  1. Answering the questions holds a mirror up to your consultancy’s performance in the most relevant areas for growing a valuable and sustainable consulting business right now.
  2. Anonymously including your data in the Consultancy BenchPress dataset ensures that the Consultancy BenchPress Report is as representative of the boutique consultancy market as possible – giving you better, more relevant insights.
  3. Survey participants are given early exclusive access to the Report findings at an event in London, during which they can ask experts their questions and share experiences and ideas with peers based on those findings.

And we will plant a tree for every survey completed.

The 2024 survey is now closed. Click below to read about our launch event

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Consultancy BenchPress 2023

What it felt like to be in the room networking and discussing with peers, experts and advisers the key metrics that will help you raise your game.

“The data and insights that we’re revealing are taking boutique consultancy leaders on a transformational journey. They are becoming inspired and equipped to build their own high-performing consulting businesses.”

Peter Czapp, founder of BenchPress

Who is Consultancy BenchPress for?

Equity owners and senior leaders of consultancies based in the UK&I turning over less than £50m should complete the Consultancy BenchPress survey and read the Consultancy BenchPress report.

A new survey is launched every year – each one asks a series of financial performance questions before delving into a specific theme such as talent retention, winning new business or leading a high performing consultancy.

An insights-led report follows each survey a few months later.

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Find out more

Speak to Luke if you would like to know more about Consultancy BenchPress or
membership of The Consultancy Growth Network.

How does Consultancy BenchPress use my survey responses?

The data provided by you as part of the survey is anonymously analysed by The Consultancy Growth Network and The Wow Company. You can read about how we handle your data in our Privacy Policy.

Alongside insights from Growth Experts, former founders and specialist advisors in fields such as sales, marketing, finance and people management, the results of the survey are used to compile the market’s most comprehensive insight-led benchmarking report, The Consultancy BenchPress Report.

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Read last year’s report

The Consultancy BenchPress 2023 report is the latest currently available. The key themes of this report were sales, marketing and pricing, in particular:

  • the pricing strategies of the best-performing consultancies
  • the most effective ways of picking up new clients
  • the average client value of consultancies your size
  • utilisation rates at all levels for the most profitable consultancies.

Prior year Consultancy BenchPress reports

Consultancy BenchPress abridged report 2022
Core themes: finding and retaining talent

Consultancy BenchPress abridged report 2020/21
Core themes: day rates and sources of new business

Who produces Consultancy BenchPress?

Consultancy BenchPress is a collaboration between The Consultancy Growth Network and The Wow Company.

The Consultancy Growth Network is a community for consulting business owners and their teams to access insights, introductions and actionable advice.

The Wow Company is an accountancy practice that specialises in working with consulting and creative businesses. They provide the insights to help you make better decisions.

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