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The Consultancy Growth Network

Annual Summit 2023 – THE gathering for consultancy leaders 

The second TCGN Annual Summit of consultancy leaders, experts, former founders, specialists and influencers saw 185 friends come together to be inspired and energised, and to deepen connections. 

This was my first experience of TCGN events! I now know the importance of being part of this community” – Mark Roberts

The theme of the summit was ‘Go Beyond – discover your consultancy’s optimum growth strategy’, but the day achieved so much more than that. 

I haven’t had the opportunity for this headspace to sit, listen and make notes for ages” – Tony Clark

Our panel expertly delved into the key strategies that enable consultancies to achieve exponential growth, from productisation to strategic partnerships to international expansion: 

  • Paul Collins, founder of global M&A advisory firm Equiteq with 30+ years’ experience founding, growing, acquiring and selling in consulting and IT service firms 
  • Fred Akuffo, founder of Olivehorse, a supply chain consultancy acquired by PwC in 2022 
  • Susan Lohr, founder of three global businesses and NED, coach and angel investor 
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A tonne of brilliant content to digest and discuss” – Steve Dennis

Another highlight of the day was Adrian Bettridge sharing the story of his career at Baringa. Adrian has 25 years’ experience in consulting, and in his founder interview with Marc Jantzen, his honest, humble and often amusing tales of his early career and key decisions he’s made as Managing Partner captivated everyone in the room. 

Probably the best and most inspiring interview I’ve ever heard in business” – Matt Sims

What a supportive and generous network with so much entrepreneurial energy” – Adrian Bettridge

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We also heard a few TCGN members explain how their consultancies have overcome challenges, taken opportunities and grown as businesses through their membership of the Network: 

  • Matt Atkinson, Founder and MD at Waymark 
  • Megan Taylor, MD at Rise Beyond 
  • Sonja Skopp, CEO at Slayden Consulting 
  • Mark Grice, Co-founder of Total Negotiation Group 

I’ve been really humbled by the feedback about how much my candid sharing resonated, and I felt really supported by the now friends I’ve met through the network” – Megan Taylor

Such an amazing day of inspiration spent with the UK’s finest consultants.” – Matt Atkinson

Nuggets of real insight, moments of joy, feeling truly connected, learning loads, being amongst like-minded people” – Sonja Skopp

And Roger Black, Olympian and inspirational speaker, handed round his medals as he recounted the trials and tribulations of elite sport and the parallels to be drawn with growing your own business. 

Utterly brilliant talks” – Matt Hodkinson, TCGN Specialist Provider

The wealth of knowledge and experiences we encountered were truly remarkable, and it reinforced the idea that learning from others’ journeys is an invaluable part of growth.” – EcoVate Group

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The day also included plenty of opportunities for members, experts, advisors and speakers to network. 

Buzzing after this whole packed day we went home with new exciting opportunities for future partnerships” – Sladen Consulting team

Fantastic day … still fizzing with a host of ideas and the general energy in the room.” – Dom Moorhouse

It’s hard to put into words just how good today was.” – Peter Czapp

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