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Discounting strategies for consultancies

Say you are a consulting business turning over more than £1m and regularly discounting your fees. If you are making £200,000 profit and giving away, on average, a 10% discount, do you realise that you would increase your profit by 50% if you stopped discounting?

Most consulting owners do realise this. And they are interested in giving away less when they are negotiating, but they don’t know how.

Here is a 4 minute clip from one of our face-to-face events where I shared a selection of alternative strategies to discounting. 

These strategies included how and why to:

  • standardise your discounts 
  • move the conversation away from cost and onto value 
  • build team belief in your rates
  • target gross margin as well as net margin
  • ask for something in return for a discount

and more.

If you would like to speak to me or get the views of our panel of growth experts on your sales strategy, consider becoming a member of our network where you get access to actionable insight and expert views on all the topics that are critical to growing your business.

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Written by

Marc Jantzen


The Consultancy Growth Network

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