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7 steps to better cash flow

Wednesday 6 December 2023

Workshop, online



In challenging and uncertain times, when client budgets are being cut, projects delayed and programmes cancelled, it’s more important than ever that you effectively manage your consultancy’s finances. Being ready for what’s around the corner starts with having a clear plan about managing your cash flow.

In this online workshop, Peter Czapp, founder of The Wow Company accountancy firm, will be explaining the ways you can improve cash flow, get funding and mitigate risk to ensure your consultancy is in the best financial shape possible as you head in 2024.

Peter will help you:

  • get to grips with your cashflow: understand your current position and better predict where you’ll be in the future
  • mitigate risk: complete a risk assessment of your business so that you’re in the best shape possible to navigate what’s coming next
  • get some quick wins: make some simple changes that will make a big difference to your cash balance
  • access funding: work out how much you need, when you’ll need it and how to access it
  • use technology to make your life easier: discover the tools that take the pain away from managing your cash effectively
  • future-proof your cash flow: get into the habits that will ensure you always have the cash in place to sleep well at night.


You will leave this workshop with practical tips that you can implement right away, that will make a real difference to your consultancy’s cash flow and chances of success next year and beyond.

Our speaker

Peter Czapp

Peter is co-founder of The Wow Company, one of the UK's fastest growing accountancy practices. Peter regularly shares insight and best practice with our members on the subjects of cash flow, profitability and sustainable growth. He has been benchmarking businesses via BenchPress since 2012 and helps us run Consultancy BenchPress.

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