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The Consultancy Growth Network

ANNUAL SUMMIT – BE BOLD: build your consultancy of the future

Thursday 17 October 2024

10am – 7pm, In-person

Networking & learning


Ambitious, successful businesses have long looked to the fiction writers for inspiration for how to future-proof themselves. But knowing how to build your consultancy’s capabilities to maximise the opportunities around the corner is never as easy as they make out in the movies.

So join us for a day of interviews, panel debates, founder insights, facilitated networking and inspiring speakers at our third Annual Summit. Along with 200 other consultancy leaders, influencers, experts and academics we will explore the technologies, cultures, skillsets and attitudes necessary to succeed in the months and years to come.

At this year’s event, amongst other topics we will be debating whether AI is friend or foe, exploring the degree to which your purpose impacts growth, and deciphering the economic and social contexts within which consultancies will have to adapt in the future.

Watch the video below for highlights from a previous Annual Summit.

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