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The Consultancy Growth Network

Caring for your wellbeing in a growth environment

Thursday 14 July 2022


Founder and employee wellbeing is one of the great performance enablers of consultancies, yet it can often be viewed as a luxury in workplaces that are looking to scale.

In this session, mental health campaigner and Founder and CEO of FormScore, Rob Stephenson, talked about why prioritising wellbeing is essential if we want to create high performance cultures.  Based on both his personal and professional experiences, in this interactive session Rob shared practical tips for maximising the great wellbeing-performance opportunity, including:

  • how to prioritise your own wellbeing and why this can have a huge impact on personal performance
  • creating a culture of permission for wellbeing that can positively impact team and company performance
  • how to apply these ideas in remote and hybrid working environments.

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