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The Consultancy Growth Network

How to develop your high-performance culture

Monday 1 July 2024




We shared a lot of stories, top tips and pitfalls when we came together as a community in April 2023 and many of you were asking for a bit of a ‘how to guide’ you felt it would be helpful to have a set of steps to work through to help you develop your culture proactively. That is what this workshop is about. Here’s what you can expect. 

  • What are the key ingredients of a high-performance culture? 
  • How to define the culture you aspire to 
  • How to identify the gaps – where are you today? 
  • A framework for developing plans to close the gaps. 
  • The role of the leadership team. 
  • Cultural artefacts – example outputs. 
  • How to retain and evolve your culture as your business grows . 
  • Recruiting into your culture – culture ‘fit’ v culture ‘add’. 

Our speaker

Caroline Boston

Managing Director at New Minds, a strategic recruitment and talent solutions partner for consultancies.

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