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Optimise your tax position

Tuesday 6 June 2023




At the start of each new tax year, many of your tax reliefs are reset.

There are also new rules to navigate and opportunities to take advantage of.

Planning early is key to ensuring you pay no more tax than you need to.

That’s why we invited a team of tax experts from The Wow Company to show our members how to optimise their personal and business situations. They shared tax-efficient ways you can:

  • Retain and reward your team
  • Draw more money from your business
  • Buy an electric car
  • Optimise your personal tax
  • Manage your assets, including cryptocurrencies
  • Plan for the future for you and your loved ones

Your panel of experts

Peter Czapp

Peter is co-founder of The Wow Company, one of the UK's fastest growing accountancy practices. Peter regularly shares insight and best practice with our members on the subjects of cash flow, profitability and sustainable growth. He has been benchmarking businesses via BenchPress since 2012 and helps us run Consultancy BenchPress.

Fantasia Bell

Lead Adviser & Head of R&D Tax at The Wow Company

Natalie Howarth

Head of Business Tax at The Wow Company

Philippa Peacock

Head of Personal Tax at The Wow Company

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