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The Consultancy Growth Network

How to handle procurement

Thursday 11 February 2021


A building block on route to creating a sustainable consulting business is winning bigger and bigger deals. It is much easier, and typically more profitable, to run fewer bigger deals than many smaller deals. Winning bigger deals often requires jumping over new hurdles and one of those hurdles is PROCUREMENT. We created a rare opportunity to get inside the heads of typical procurement professionals.

Our speaker, Alan Gotto is a leading professional services procurement expert, chair of the Consulting Procurement Council and CPO at Constellia, the professional services spend management consultancy.

Following this session, members were able to engage more effectively with procurement and navigate their processes to sell more profitable work.

The session included:

  • what procurement is – so that you know what you are dealing with
  • how to build a relationship with procurement – if you should
  • how to win competitive tenders – including drafting proposals, delivering presentations, handling rate negotiations, panel formations and reverse auctions.

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