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The power of productisation – a member story

Wednesday 6 March 2024




Acumen (TCGN members since February 2021) is a consultancy that started down the productisation route in 2006 and, although not always assured of success, can now point to a significant increase in financial stability and business value thanks to 50% of business revenue coming from subscription-led repeatable revenue. Surely this is the holy grail we have all been looking for?! 

In this fascinating story, Acumen’s founder and CCO, Nick Ryan, shared: 

  • how Acumen went about productising their services 
  • how they went from an envisioned concept to a marketable product 
  • what they created and how they took it to market 
  • what investment it took and how the model is so different to consulting 
  • how they managed the cultural dichotomy of a consulting team and a product team. 


Nick shared his key learnings from Acumen’s productisation journey, his views on what returns to expect and when and most importantly the key things you need to consider before embarking on such a journey. 

Finally, to give you the best chance of success, Nick will share his top tips for getting started and how to avoid the pitfalls when embarking down this rocky road! 

Our speaker

Nick Ryan

Nick is the Founder and CCO of Acumen, a consumer brands management consultancy. He has extensive consulting experience, working with leading consumer goods companies worldwide on revenue management initiatives.

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