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Keeping your consultancy’s data secure and compliant

Thursday 25 November 2021


Data is the lifeblood of your organisation, one of your most valuable assets. Not keeping it safe puts your ability to operate at risk, as well as your staff and your clients.


Data security breaches are on the rise and fines are increasing, and Brexit has muddied the waters over GDPR compliance. Staying one step ahead of the measures you need to ensure your data is kept safe is a critical part of your consultancy’s operations.

In this interactive webinar, Adam Casey, Director of TMC³ (cyber security and data protection experts) and Frank Jennings, commercial and cloud lawyer at Wallace solicitors, guide you through the what, when and how of data security, including:

  • five practices you must adopt to avoid GDPR fines (they’re not as unusual as you think)
  • what you don’t know about data protection that is critical to your business
  • how Brexit has affected GDPR and the impact on your data security and compliance programme
  • how to use cyber security and privacy as a commercial advantage
  • current cyber security trends and threats and why you can’t afford to ignore them
  • the essential elements of a robust data security strategy.

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