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The Consultancy Growth Network

Leveraging team capability

Thursday 5 November 2020


Deri Hughes, founder of Honeycomb PS, explained what significant ROI you can achieve if you have a strategic, structured and systematic approach to accelerating the development of your team, and the key steps you should be taking to achieve maximum returns.

Attendees of Deri’s interactive webinar assessed themselves against best practice in areas such as how clear your team are of your expectations and how well these map to your strategy, and how consistently and effectively you provide developmental feedback.

Members learned how to:

  • define what your consultants need to be brilliant at to deliver your strategy
  • get really crisp on the expectations you have of your team, to give them clarity on what good looks like at your firm
  • implement the right systems, processes and training in order to help people to develop their skills as fast as they are able to.

Getting these three things right could as much as double your profit.

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