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LinkedIn masterclass – why and how you should be using it

Tuesday 9 January 2024




‘I know we should be doing more on LinkedIn, but….’

We hear this a lot. LinkedIn remains the top social media channel for connecting with existing and potential B2B clients. But many leaders still feel they’re not maximising it’s potential for their consultancy.

This online workshop addressed the two key barriers to getting more out of LinkedIn:

‘…it doesn’t feel worth the time.’ and

‘…we don’t know how to do it right.’

To get the greatest return on your and your team’s (time) investment, there are certain things you should know about LinkedIn and how to use it.

In this interactive session we were joined by Nick Synnott of Create Engage. Nick is an expert in how to make LinkedIn work for consultancies.

In addition to taking questions from members, Nick addressed the following questions:

  1. Myth busting – what do people believe about LinkedIn that is no longer the case?
  2. How much time should we spend on LinkedIn?
  3. What should I post about and what should my consultancy post about?
  4. Who should you connect to – everyone? People you know?
  5. What are the common pitfalls in profiles?
  6. How do I get more engagement and visibility for the time I put into it?
  7. What can I outsource/delegate and what do I need to do myself?
  8. What outcomes should I expect from our LinkedIn activity, and when?
  9. What new functionality should we be exploiting?

Our speaker

Nick Synnott

Nick is the director of Create Engage, a digital marketing agency for the management consulting industry. As a former consultant, he understands the challenges of delivering effective digital marketing that engages prospective clients and generates leads.

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