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The Consultancy Growth Network

Marketing: Performance positioning

Thursday 24 June 2021


Performance Positioning is about crafting a competition-less message that speaks to the needs of your buyer, massively increasing your conversion rate. Research in the CISO Insights Report shows that companies that optimise their positioning enjoy higher win rates, lower price resistance, and 3 times the number of closed deals, on average.

In this session, Matt Hodkinson from Total Growth Ownership provided a number of frameworks to help participants learn ‘in the moment’ and:

  • identify and invalidate the leading competing solutions in your space
  • use metaphors and storytelling¬†skills to simplify the buyer’s understanding of the transformation you deliver
  • create and visualise your unique mechanism, to streamline sales and add tangibility to even the most intangible solutions
  • check all the boxes in the buyer brain, to make the sale a simple choice.


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