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The Consultancy Growth Network

The optimum consultancy tech stack

Tuesday 22 February 2022


The right tech stack helps you manage your consultancy’s talent better, win more work and deliver it more profitably.

But in a crowded and rapidly evolving market with hundreds of software providers, what do you actually need… and when?

In this session, Jon Stead, Strategy Director at CMap Software, will explain:

  • the critical elements of a successful consulting firm’s tech stack at different stages of the growth journey
  • the key integration points to prioritise at each stage
  • the pros and cons of purpose-built, best-of-breed technologies compared to the market leading all-in-one solutions
  • how to manage the development of your tech requirements as you scale.

Attending this event will give you clarity and confidence to get the most out of the best technology for your consultancy, both now and in the future.

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