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The Consultancy Growth Network

Maximising profit performance

Monday 18 November 2024

4pm – 5pm



Profit is the cornerstone of every successful consultancy. However, less than one in five are achieving high-performing levels of profit* and we often hear consultancy leaders struggling with profit growth tracking behind revenue. 

This session will explore the levers to pull to supercharge the profit you make, sharing proven strategies to improve your profit performance: 

  • Planning – Set yourself up for a profitable year
  • Pricing – Increase your day rates and win the right type of work
  • Clients – Unlock profit from your existing relationships
  • Culture – Get your whole team involved in increasing profit


We will also cover utilisation, cost of sale, supplier review cycles and reporting in the context of profit. Plus we will share the profit secrets from the most profitable consulting businesses, including practical tips you can implement right away. 

* Data from Consultancy BenchPress 

Our speaker

Peter Czapp

Peter is co-founder of The Wow Company, one of the UK's fastest growing accountancy practices. Peter regularly shares insight and best practice with our members on the subjects of cash flow, profitability and sustainable growth. He has been benchmarking businesses via BenchPress since 2012 and helps us run Consultancy BenchPress.

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