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Optimising the balance of Employees and Associates in your team

Thursday 3 September 2020


Caroline Boston of New Minds Resourcing and Growth Expert David Bailey hosted a webinar; ‘Optimising the balance of Employees and Associates in your team’.

Caroline and David focused discussion on:

– What are the options for achieving the right Employee : Associate model? How do these align with your strategic objectives?

– What are the advantages and risks of employing someone or engaging an associate? How can you mitigate the risks?

– What is best practice when it comes to building an Associate strategy? How do you execute that strategy?

– How should you differentiate from interim/bodyshop offerings when providing Associates on client engagements?

– What are the implications of IR35? Should you be seeking to transfer key Associates into permanent roles?

– How can you protect your IP when engaging Associates to work on your behalf/deliver your content?

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