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The Consultancy Growth Network

Selling on value to maximise results

Thursday 25 January 2024

2pm-7pm. 15 Hatfields, London

Networking & learning


As we know, intellectually understanding something and accurately executing it are two very different things. This is never more the case when it comes to value pricing and value selling. A previous workshop with Blair Enns explored a framework for different pricing options which this session built upon. 

This event covered:

  • understanding what we all mean by ‘value pricing’ and how it is different
  • what best practice ‘value selling’ looks like
  • how to apply a 3-step process to value quantification – our speakers will share specific client case studies where this has been achieved when the value is not immediately obvious
  • tips on how to have value led conversations
  • how to defend your price when it is challenged using value-based principles
  • how to implement a shared risk and reward deal with clients whilst maximising on the reward and minimising the risk


Our speakers covered some important principles using real examples from consulting projects with companies like British Gas and Carphone Warehouse. 

Our speakers

Alan Morton

Alan is Managing Director at SBR Consulting, the specialist sales performance consultancy. Alan works closely with organisations helping them to drive revenues, improve productivity and develop high performance sales cultures and capabilities across all parts of their client facing teams.

Marc Jantzen

Marc is the founder of The Consultancy Growth Network. He previously built and sold his multi-award winning sales, service and cultural transformation consultancy, Blue Sky, to Capita for £10m. He now advises, coaches and mentors consulting leaders across all aspects of their growth journey, with a particular specialism in sales.

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