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Supercharge your lead generation

Wednesday 15 March 2023


Leads and opportunities are essential fuel in any consultancy marketing engine, but when you’ve grown perfectly well on referrals and word-of-mouth, how and when should you add a “net new” lead generation effort into the mix?

Furthermore, the tactics that get results today tend to become less effective over time, soon to be replaced by the “next big thing”. So how do you create a Client Acquisition Engine that rides the waves of trend and fad and sets you up for pipeline success for years to come?

In this interactive and insights-packed session, Matt Hodkinson showed us:

– Effective mechanisms and content formats for high-converting lead magnets.
– How to fix your messaging and craft a “pattern interrupt” that grabs and retains the attention of high-value prospects.
– The concept of invitational language, sparking response and conversations that leave prospects feeling anything but just another name on your database.
– How to capture and nurture leads effectively with the right mix of massive value and perfectly timed calls-to-action.

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