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The Consultancy Growth Network

Tackling the top 5 people challenges

Thursday 21 March 2024

2pm-7pm. Painters Hall, London

Networking & learning


This event is targeted at tackling the most common people challenges faced by consultancy leaders.  

  • How do you get your team to step up and reduce the dependency on you and your partners? 
  • What do you need to do differently to connect with and get the most out of different generations in the workforce? 
  • What compensation structures have the biggest impact on motivation and performance? 
  • How do you best manage, integrate and expand your associate team whilst protecting quality? 
  • Finally, what are your top tips for retaining and motivating your team? 


Our expert panel are yet to be confirmed but rest assured there will be a depth of expertise on the panel along with plenty of views being shared by our members.

The panel event will be followed by round table discussions with other members at a similar stage of your growth journey.

We are confident you will come away with a bucket load of ideas to lead team engagement and performance.

Our speaker

Caroline Boston

Managing Director at New Minds, a strategic recruitment and talent solutions partner for consultancies.

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