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The Consultancy Growth Network

Tackling the top 5 people challenges

Thursday 21 March 2024

2pm-7pm. Painters Hall, London

Networking & learning


This in-person event was a must attend for owners, leaders and those responsible for people in your consultancy, to help you build a top-performing team – an important objective in a tough market. The emphasis of the event was very much on real life scenarios and practical takeaways.

Your speakers were:

– Graham Roberts – an expert in multi-generational leadership

– Caroline Boston – an expert in talent acquisition and retention

– Deri Hughes – an expert in leadership and building team capability

  • How do you get your team to step up and reduce the dependency on you and your partners? 
  • What do you need to do differently to connect with and get the most out of different generations in the workforce? 
  • What compensation structures have the biggest impact on motivation and performance? 
  • How do you best manage, integrate and expand your associate team whilst protecting quality? 
  • Finally, what are your top tips for retaining and motivating your team? 


The panel event was followed by round table discussions with your fellow members and Growth Experts. 

Our speakers

Graham Roberts

Graham is a behavioral change consultant and executive coach, and a Director of Ispire MC. His expertise comes from real-world experiences across the globe consulting, coaching, speaking and facilitating engaging transformation initiatives for organisations large and small, supporting their transformation through cutting edge, bespoke interventions that have had proven impact on individual and organisational performance.

Deri Hughes

Deri is the Founder and Managing Director of Honeycomb Consulting Skills Training where he helps consulting team leaders develop more capable teams. Deri spent many years at top strategy consulting firm Bain & Company and was also CFOO of Credo Business Consulting where he built the operations team from scratch. Following Credo's sale to Teneo in 2017 he left to set-up Honeycomb. He and his team of expert consultants have helped the leaders of 30+ boutique consulting firms to build more capable teams through live consulting skills training, consulting skills acceleration systems, and outsourced L&D management.

Caroline Boston

Caroline is the Managing Director of New Minds, a talent strategy and recruitment solutions consultancy that provides integrated resourcing and talent solutions for growing management consultancies. New Minds works with its clients as an extension of their brand to support them throughout the employee lifecycle. Caroline has over 20 years’ experience as a recruitment, resourcing and talent leader with deep expertise in the management consultancy sector.

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