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The Consultancy Growth Network

The clues of success: insights from Consultancy Benchpress 2020

Thursday 15 October 2020


Peter Czapp, who has been benchmarking businesses for nearly ten years, shared the key insights from Consultancy BenchPress 2020, the first benchmarking survey for independent consulting firms.

Along with Marc Jantzen and his fellow Growth Experts, Peter delved into the data behind the key questions answered by over 100 consulting firms and offered actionable advice to those owners seeking to learn from the top-performing consultancies.

Members discovered what the top-performing consulting firms are doing in the following areas:

  • winning new business – the top 7 ways that consulting businesses win new business, including a method that may surprise you
  • day rates – day rates for all roles within a consulting firm and the margins and utilisation rates at each level
  • earnings – what consulting business owners earn, including what the top 10% take home

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