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Make better decisions faster

Monday 3 April 2023




Being able to look forward and make decisions with confidence doesn’t just lead to better decisions, it provides consulting leaders with clarity and peace of mind – a rare and valuable commodity. Too often, decisions are undermined by beliefs rather than facts (I think, rather than I know), data rarely reaches an acceptable level of accuracy and too much time is spent looking backwards instead of forwards.

A robust forecasting framework gives you the clarity and confidence to look forwards and make confident decisions. Join Chris Parry, Growth Expert, and Fraser Moore, CMap Software, and learn what you should be doing, and how, to make decisions and forecast better (hint: people, revenue & cash); the good, better & best techniques you can use and leave with free Excel tools to get you going straight away.

Your speakers

Chris Parry

Built a £10m turnover consultancy and sold it to IBM. Now an investor, NED, mentor, coach and Growth Expert of The Network.

Fraser Moore

Business leader and consultant at CMap, the software platform from bid-to-bill.

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