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The Consultancy Growth Network

The problem with marketing
and how to solve it

Thursday 17 September 2020


Marketing is fundamental to the growth and development of your consulting business (you can’t rely on referrals forever), but it won’t work unless it is strategic and implemented effectively.

Matt Hodkinson, CEO of Influence Agents, shared what marketing activity will deliver the results your consultancy needs.

Matt explained the anatomy of an effective marketing strategy and took members through a 9 step process for developing a well-oiled marketing machine. This event was valuable to firms at every stage of growth.

Matt’s session was followed by an extended Q&A session and break out group discussion, in which advice from experts and individual stories covered topics including:

  • How should I prioritise my marketing investment?
  • How do I manage the relationship between sales, marketing and business development?
  • What role should I, as owner, play when it comes to marketing?
  • What marketing strategies have been successful for consulting businesses like mine?

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