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How to get better returns from your people investment

Wednesday 27 September 2023




How familiar is this?

– You’re all excited to see the impact of new members of the team only to find their ‘speed to competence’ is much slower than expected.

– There is mutual frustration with some of your younger team members – you feel they have so much to learn; they feel, they should be looking at promotion in months not years.

– You’re starting to wonder whether staff are leaving for reasons that might actually be within your control?

So how do you improve speed to competence, align expectations and retain valuable talent within your business?

Join Caroline Boston from New Minds Resourcing at this interactive workshop and find out how to make sure that the people you have recruited have the impact you expected and will stay and thrive in your business over the long term.

Caroline will look specifically at:

1. pre-boarding and onboarding – setting new recruits up for success

2. retention and development – creating career paths within your business that will give your people the framework in which to develop and progress.

Your speaker

Caroline Boston

Managing Director at New Minds, a strategic recruitment and talent solutions partner for consultancies.

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