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Writing winning proposals

Wednesday 17 July 2024




Most significant pieces of work require a proposal. But not every opportunity should qualify for the investment of time and effort required to create one. When should you propose and how should you do it so that you are effective? What has the potential to make your proposal stand out from the rest? How do you make sure you don’t get ghosted by a client after having put days of work into a proposal? How do you avoid coming across as another consulting firm capable of stringing together exceptional but often unintelligible management speak?!

This workshop is going to focus on taking your proposals to the next level and will include: 

  • classic pitfalls and not selling to ghosts 
  • when not to propose 
  • increasing efficiency by managing buyer expectations 
  • applying best practice to make your proposal stand out 
  • leveraging the latest technology 
  • tips for responding to tenders 
  • strategies to succeed in e-auctions

Our speaker

Alan Morton

Alan is Managing Director at SBR Consulting, the specialist sales performance consultancy. Alan works closely with organisations helping them to drive revenues, improve productivity and develop high performance sales cultures and capabilities across all parts of their client facing teams.

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