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Measure your consultancy’s sales effectiveness

Maximising sales is never off the agenda for growing consultancies. 

Even if you’re lucky enough not to be looking for new business right now, all projects have to end one day.

But do you know how effective your firm is at selling? And how to improve it?

The Consultancy Sales Assessment takes 5 minutes to complete.

It’s a series of short, simple questions that delve into the vital elements of sales excellence for founder-led consultancies.

On completion, you will immediately receive an email containing your results and a customised report full of recommendations for improvement based on your specific scores.

“We have developed this tool so that founder-led consultancies can fully understand the maturity of their sales operation and the specific steps they need to take to improve its performance,” says our founder, Marc Jantzen.

“The recommendations in the report are both broad and deep.”

Marc Jantzen, founder TCGN

“We have collaborated with a dozen experts, all of whom have successfully built and sold consultancies ranging from £10-£30m, so we know the questions in our tool cover the most important elements of a high performing sales approach. The recommendations in each bespoke report are both broad and deep, giving everyone the opportunity to develop a market-leading sales operation.”

The assessment is based on the Consultancy Sales Excellence Framework:

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“The Assessment tool was excellent,” says Stuart Pearce from Journey4 Consulting.

“This is an excellent tool.”

Stuart Pearce, Journey4 Consulting

“It was easy to use and stepped through all the key elements of the sales process that a founder led consultancy needs to consider if they are intent on growing. We recognise how important sales is to our growth plans, but we are not sales experts. This assessment tool provided a clear and concise report on where we can make improvements and has helped us prioritise our actions.”

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Written by

Ali El Moghraby

Head of Marketing

The Consultancy Growth Network