Boost your sales performance

How dependent is your consulting business on you and your partners bringing in the next new client?

Join us at ONE of four upcoming events to reduce that reliance and discover how to win more work.

Enhance your value proposition

Thursday 28 January

Attendees developed an action plan to enhance the competitiveness, scalability and commercial value of your proposition.

Love to pitch

4pm GMT (11am EST) Thursday 4 March

The art, the science and the psychology of how to build effective pitches.

How to ask for a referral and actually get one

9am GMT 30 March OR 4pm GMT 22 April

Maximise the return on your referral requests – and put them into action with fellow consultancy owners.

Outreach: Getting attention with email prospecting

4pm GMT (11am EST) Thursday 13 May

Discover how to write effective prospecting emails.

About the Sales Boost Series

Marc’s top sales tips for consultancies

Watch Marc Jantzen share his top sales tips for consultancies. Each video is <90 seconds long and packed full of tried and tested ideas.

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The advocacy mindset

Why you should be building long term relationships by creating advocates in your prospects.

Screenshot of video

Insight selling

Educate your prospects and help them be ready to work with you when the time is right.

Screenshot of video

Say no

Build credibility and win more work by saying ‘no’.

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Connect emotionally

Make your prospect feel good and excited about working with you to help solve their problem.

Marc’s input has helped me and my organisation with a step change in how we approach prospecting, pitching and winning client work. The real gem is not only being able to access his real world experience, but the way in which he relates to the specific situation I am in, meaning no fluff, just real stuff.”

Shaun Lawton, Director, MBE Consulting

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