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The Growth Accelerator Programme

What is the Growth Accelerator Programme (GAP)?

The Growth Accelerator Programme (GAP) is a forum to discuss the challenges you, the owner of your consultancy, are facing, along with the practical application of the learning you’re getting through your membership of The Consultancy Growth Network.

Hosted by your dedicated Growth Expert, your cohort consists of a small number of consultancy owners with complementary propositions who are all at a similar stage of their growth journey.

Within the 12-month programme, cohorts meet online for ten ‘Growth Accelerator’ sessions. This is not an expert-led training programme – while Growth Accelerators are hosted by the Growth Expert, the emphasis is on peer discussion.

speaker matt atkinson | The Consultancy Growth Network

“GAP has quickly become a trusted forum for sharing stories and discovering solutions to problems.”

Matt Atkinson – member

The benefits of GAP

“Marcia (Marini – Growth Expert) has been excellent – going above and beyond and providing valuable advice and encouragement”

– Member

GAP is a unique chance to share ideas and discuss opportunities with people who can relate to the context within which you are operating. You get lots of practical advice as well as the chance to develop a connection and sense of belonging to your group. Cohorts are built to minimise competitive overlap in service offering, creating the perfect environment for sharing detailed, tactical and strategic information.

In turn, this creates the space for partnerships with fellow members whom you will come to trust. You may also want to work with an ‘Accelerator Accountability Partner’ to keep you on track.

The format

“Chris (Parry – Growth Expert) is such an amazing facilitator who balances listening and offering counsel with empathy and experience”

– Member

Each GAP cohort consists of 6-8 consultancy owners who meet for two hours every month except August and December. Sessions are online, however some groups choose to arrange some sessions face to face.

Cohorts are split by revenue bracket:

  • £0.5m – 2m
  • £2m – £5m
  • £5m – £25m

Conversation topics in each Growth Accelerator session are member-led, covering whatever is most important to your group.

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