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The Consultancy Growth Network

The key elements of value in your consultancy

Whether you’re building a sustainable consulting business or one you hope to exit, assessing your firm’s value is a fantastic exercise to go through on a periodic basis.

Because the value of your consultancy is a great metric on its quality.

If an assessment takes into account all the things you need in place to maximise the value of your consultancy, then doing it annually is a great way to see whether the action you’re taking each year is contributing to the quality of your firm, or undermining it.

So every other year we invite Bruce Ramsay from Consulting M&A to help our members find the most hidden value in their consultancy and the areas where they are weaker, as seen through an investor lens. He takes them through the Equiteq 8 Levers of Growth model to benchmark themselves against the key elements that are necessary to build value.

Equity Growth Wheel image 1 | The Consultancy Growth Network

According to Marc Jantzen, our founder, “Our equity growth wheel workshop tells you where to focus your effort and attention to maximise both your equity value and the sustainability of your business. Each time I went through this model with my consultancy it provided a new level of focus based on where we were on our growth journey.”

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