11 tips for supercharging your lead generation

Keen to create a client acquisition engine that sets you up for future growth?

Here are 11 tips from our marketing expert, Matt Hodkinson at TGO.

Get your definitions aligned

Define and understand the stages of the buyer journey, from Information Qualified Lead (IQL) to Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) through to Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).

Diagnose past failures

When it comes to lead generation, ‘failure’ is often down to poor conversion rates or insufficient quality traffic entering the funnel in the first place. Take a step back and evaluate which aspect you need to fix first.

Action your quickest wins

Referrals from existing clients, other sources and networking are frequently cited as the most effective ways to pick up new clients*. Launching a referral strategy should be an initial focus for any consulting business.

Build a resource library

Be helpful. Nurture your leads by providing actionable advice and insight that you have complied from your own resource library.

Ungate your best content

Unless you are gathering data for events, diagnostic tools, or responding to a specific and obvious expression of interest in what you do, ungate your content and make it more widely accessible.

Cleanse your data

Remove any contacts who are not a good fit for your business. This will prevent negative impact on your sender reputation and ensure that you are reaching the right audience.

KPAs compliment KPIs

It’s equally important to focus on Key Performance Actions; the specific actions you’ll take to achieve your KPIs.

Know your numbers

A major challenge for small consulting businesses is knowing where the leads are coming from. Keep track of key metrics such as conversion rates and pinpoint areas where there are bottlenecks.

Nail your resourcing

Identify who will be responsible for lead generation in your consulting firm. Do you have the capacity to handle it in-house or should you consider outsourcing to a suitable marketing partner? If necessary, are you prepared to recruit internally to expand your team?

Land and expand

The best way to prove your value proposition is by validating it with one channel, before expanding into others.

Launch a lead generation asset

Lastly, pinpoint a cornerstone content piece that can be regularly updated, and offers significant value to your target audience.

*Consultancy BenchPress

Matt Hodkinson is a veteran inbound and social marketer, founder of Total Growth Ownership and marketing specialist adviser to The Consultancy Growth Network.

If you would like to know more about membership of The Consultancy Growth Network, chat to Luke.

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