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Making meaningful impact beyond the profit margin at Rise Beyond 

Network members Rise Beyond work with clients to enable better collaboration to tackle complex challenges within and beyond their organisations. They have seen steady growth over the last few years and aim to achieve £2m by 2025.

Having recently taken over the helm from her father, Megan Taylor turned the spotlight on collaboration for impact at Rise Beyond. 

Megan Taylor spotlighting Rise Beyond's growth journey at The Annual Summit 2023

Megan has found value in The Consultancy Growth Network not only for her personal growth but also in achieving the consultancy’s strategic goals. Joining The Consultancy Growth Network has enabled Megan and her all-female leadership team to define a vision of success that goes beyond simply numerical targets to make a meaningful difference as Megan explains:

“As a new business leader of a consultancy practice, I’m on a rapid personal learning journey. The Consultancy Growth Network has been a guiding force in professionalising Rise Beyond. It has provided valuable insight into the intricacies of the consultancy world, not least a better understanding of the industry’s lingo!

On a personal level, the 60-strong Female Founder group at The Consultancy Growth Network has been incredibly supportive. We get together over lunch before events, and walking into the room feels like greeting old friends. It’s been so powerful to get advice beyond my existing networks, particularly from those juggling a young family whilst looking to grow their business like I am”.

Megan also credits the support from The Consultancy Growth Network for Rise Beyond’s recent success in achieving their vision to become a B Corp™. “Achieving B-Corp certification was an important goal for Rise, and we worked with George at The Consultancy Growth Network to establish a member forum with 20 other members also seeking B-Corp certification. This group helped provide much-needed advice and invaluable cheerleading throughout the assessment process.”

Benefits delivered by The Consultancy Growth Network 

  • Growth Experts strategic review led to a refined approach and strategy
  • Megan and her team accessed resources via the Network’s Growth Hub to gain crucial insight into the consulting industry
  • The 60-strong Female Founder group provided vital support and advice from like-minded peers building boutique consultancies
  • Support and collaboration with the Network helped Rise Beyond achieve B-Corp accreditation quicker than they would have done alone!

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Written by

Amy Rashbrooke

The Consultancy Growth Network