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Outstanding transformation achieves heart-warming results at Waymark

Matt Atkinson joined digital consultancy, Waymark when it was a ten-year-old business, turning over close to £700k a year and striving to reach the elusive £1m target with a non-existent pipeline and no strategy in place. Waymark have achieved £2.5min 2023 with a healthy pipeline for 2024.

Their first challenge was to get a growth strategy in place. As Matt explains, “The Consultancy Growth Network gave us tonnes of support on this, helping us to understand how to shape a growth strategy and helping us to put plans together. We made the scary decision (at the time) to focus on one niche sector. We decided to go with our hearts, and even though it wasn’t our biggest sector, we chose Health and Social Care because we had seen what a difference we could make. It was a huge transformation for us. We rebuilt our entire business to service that audience and remapped every single business process”.

Waymark then engaged with marketing strategists Total Growth Ownership to get their positioning right. By March 2023, Waymark had already reached their magic £1m target. They have now reach £2.5m with some revenue already pushed into 2024. As Matt says, “It’s a great place to be. We had a week where we closed almost £3m – in one week! I almost passed out!”

Matt explains the difference being part of The Consultancy Growth Network has made. “The Consultancy Growth Network is extraordinary. It’s a vital support network and I’m learning from them constantly, using all the resources, absorbing the conversations.

Being part of the Growth Accelerator Programme (GAP) facilitated by Chris Parry one of the Growth Experts has enabled me to meet lots of other business owners and bounce ideas. It’s like having a team of non-execs.

They say that when you teach somebody you learn twice. I’m learning everything I can, taking it back to the business, shaping it up for the business, then learning all over again as I’m educating people in the business. Then we’re learning again as we take it to clients and get their feedback. Being part of The Consultancy Growth Network is just another level”.

Benefits delivered by The Consultancy Growth Network 

  • Support from handpicked specialist providers such as Total Growth Ownership and CMap
  • Opportunity to join the Growth Accelerator Programme and guidance from Growth Experts is “like having a team of non-execs” 
  • Access to meet and collaborate with like-minded consulting business owners and leaders to bounce ideas 
  • Broadened proposition by partnering with two members with adjacent expertise enabling a higher value proposition for clients 
  • Resources and regular events enable the ability to focus ‘on’ the business and take that learning to teams and clients. 

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Written by

Amy Rashbrooke

The Consultancy Growth Network