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Podcast: Marc’s journey to selling his business for over £10 million

I had the pleasure of sharing the ups and downs of growing my consulting and training business, Blue Sky, with Daniel Priestley – entrepreneur, international speaker, author and founder of Dent.

I also shared my top tips across a range of issues that all business owners come up against at some point in their entrepreneurial career. 

The podcast includes:

  • How we won our first big client
  • One of my lowest points in business where a million pounds was wiped off our revenue number in a very short space of time
  • Shifting up a gear and expanding up from a lifestyle business
  • How Blue Sky reached £2.5 million turnover in its first three years
  • The secrets of business growth that I wish I’d known from the start of my entrepreneurial journey
  • Investing in a more structured sales and marketing strategy in order to maintain consistent revenue
  • Trusting your gut and knowing the right time to pay attention to your intuition
  • How I moved onwards and upwards after my COO left, taking with him a number of staff and our biggest client
  • My five core values and how I ensured that they ran through every vein of Blue Sky
  • Why I shifted from time-based to value-based pricing
  • The steps I went through to exiting my business confidently and calmly.

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Marc Jantzen


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