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Podcast: The sourcing process from a consultant’s perspective

What are the main challenges that consultants face when working with their clients?

Our founder, Marc Jantzen, spoke to Hélène Laffitte, Consulting Sourcing Expert from the Smart Consulting Sourcing podcast, about the consultant’s perspective on consulting sourcing.

Screengrab Podcast 10Feb21 | The Consultancy Growth Network

In the 25 minute podcast Marc talks about:

  • the main issues consultants face during the sourcing process
  • the most common challenges once the work starts
  • the role of the sourcing team in making sure the consultant’s work is a success
  • the differences for procurement teams when working with smaller consultancies compared to larger ones
  • ways to measure the impact and value of a consulting project.

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Written by

Ali El Moghraby

Head of Marketing

The Consultancy Growth Network