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Ten factors that make a professional services firm successful

Dom Moorhouse’s experience of growing Moorhouse Limited from nothing to its £20m sale in just five years is one of the reasons we chose Dom to be part of The Consultancy Growth Network. But it’s not the only reason. On its own that wouldn’t necessarily qualify Dom to be the right person to best articulate how he did it. Or be willing to share his secrets with others.

Luckily for us, Dom scores 10 out of 10 on both those tests. And he’s now well and truly part of the family.

Dom’s research

Dom spent 8 years running events for leaders in professional services firms called “What makes a professional service firm successful?”. He has added his learnings from his conversations with hundreds of owners to his own experiences at Moorhouse, and come up with the ten factors that he believes most contributed to Moorhouse’s success.

Here are three extracts from Dom’s blog that stood out for The Consultancy Growth Network team as critical to success in consulting:

  1. Team culture: “stand for something that aligns to your personal and professional values; values that will differentiate you in a crowded market place.”
  2. Governance: “well-chosen board advisors can speed up your decision-making tempo – asking the right questions, confirming your intuitions and, generally, keeping you honest to a desired pace of progress.”
  3. Internal sales capability: “Firms that build a selling capability shift from a forward book reliant primarily on capricious luck and circumstance, to a shared, de-risked and predictable pipeline.”

You can read Dom’s full list of ten factors in his three part blog, which starts with Part 1 here

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Ali El Moghraby

Head of Marketing

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