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The Consultancy Growth Network

Guiding Granted Consultancy to
achieve a successful exit strategy

Grant funding and consultancy firm Granted were in need of sound advice on how to grow and thrive as a consultancy business in the build-up to a potential exit. The problem was, they didn’t know where to get the specific support they needed and had been burned in the past. 

Then they were introduced to The Consultancy Growth Network. 

How The Consultancy Growth Network made a difference

Through The Network, Growth Experts and advisors worked with the Granted team, posing thought-provoking questions and sharing their experience in growing founder-led consultancies. Granted’s leadership engaged with peers grappling with similar challenges, accessed research and actionable insights, and were introduced to specialist partners with expertise in critical areas such as sales and marketing.

“We would not have been able to source these partners if we were not part of The Network, and certainly not of such a high calibre. Much of the groundwork was done for us.”

Tom Kennard, MD, Granted Consultancy

How our member succeeded

Building on what they had learned throughout their membership, Granted accessed the guidance they needed to achieve their desired exit strategy.

Today, Granted is a leading grant funding and consultancy team of 30 professionals, serving 200+ clients a year, and has successfully exited through acquisition by innovation funding specialist Catax.

“The Consultancy Growth Network has undoubtedly delivered one of its primary objectives, which was to guide us toward a successful exit. The guidance we received from Marc [Jantzen] and the Growth Experts, all of whom had prior experience in growing founder-led consultancies, proved to be invaluable.”

Tom Kennard, MD, Granted Consultancy
granted consultancy logo tom kennard | The Consultancy Growth Network

Tom Kennard
MD Granted Consultancy

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