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How The Network supports its members in solving problems and growing as a firm

Candice’s experiences of being a member of The Network

Candice Finn, The Litmus Partnership

The benefits of being part of The Consultancy Growth Network – according to our members

Tom explains what value he gets from The Network

Tom Madden, Hatching Ideas
Photo of Jon Tippel

“Thanks to The Consultancy Growth Network we have put systems, processes and capabilities in place that have driven a huge amount of growth, creating more than £10 million of value for us, and a multiple of this for our clients. It’s been one of the best investments we’ve ever made.”

Jon Tippell, Redkite

“The network has spurred us on to explore new areas of future growth, including building our own products.”

Sara Boltman, Butterfly Data

Photo of Tom Ellis

“Our value from being part of the network has been well in excess of £100,000 mainly as a result of implementing the strategic advice we have received.”

Tom Ellis, Brand Genetics

“we honestly feel like we’ve got a multitude of non-execs with tonnes of experience and lots of different brains in the room”

Matt Atkinson, Waymark

Photo of Stuart Pearce

“We recognise how important sales is to our growth plans, but we are not sales experts. The Sales Assessment Tool provided a clear and concise report on where we can make improvements and has helped us prioritise our actions.”

Stuart Pearce, Journey4
Paul Tilstone

“The Network brings us incredibly valuable insights that we just wouldn’t be able to easily access elsewhere.”

Paul Tilstone, Festive Road
Photo of Al Catto

“We were looking for some thought provoking conversations and some useful contacts. But, we’ve got a whole lot more than that!”

Al Catto, Beyond
Photo of Sara Boltman

“We now know where to go within the network to find experts and associates to enable us to apply for bigger projects.”

Sara Boltman, Butterfly Data
Photo of Steve Dennis

“We’ve just landed a new project at an existing client, a new client and our biggest ever single deal. The breadth and depth of ideas from The Consultancy Growth Network was instrumental in each of those wins.”

Steve Dennis, Spike

Why become a member at The Consultancy Growth Network? Matt Atkinson explains

Matt Atkinson, Waymark
Photo of Benjamin P Taylor

“The growth experts are excellent at giving us top of the range good practice, but it’s actually the peer group that I find the most valuable.”

Benjamin P Taylor, Red Quadrant

“The Network is giving us a laser guided focus on key areas.”

Steve Dennis, Spike
Photo of Sascha Cutura

“Making time for the Network and exchanging ideas with people in the same boat as me brings me back to working on the business rather than in it.”

Sascha Cutura, Convedo

“I always say ‘It would be nice to make our own mistakes rather than someone else’s again’. This is a big part of how the Network adds value.”

Tom Ellis, Brand Genetics
Photo of Declan Ryan

“There’s massive ROI for us being part of The Network. We’ve seen it help us win sales with its structured sales and marketing approach.”

Declan Ryan, The Project Foundry

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