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The 2020 guide to improving your sales performance

SBR Consulting are the sales performance champions. They spend all day every day working with growing businesses to refine and improve the effectiveness of their sales activity.

Recently, Alan Morton, Managing Director at SBR Consulting, consolidated his learnings from the last twelve months into four key recommendations.

Coaching was a dominant theme in his article. Knowing how to coach sales teams, and actively making time to do it, were two of his four suggestions.

As the owner of a growing consulting business, how much time are you taking out to coach your sales team? If you don’t have a sales team, what efforts are you putting into coaching the consultants in your business who are expected to sell? We expect you’ve given them a copy of ‘The Challenger Sale’ book by Matthew Dixon and Brett Adamson. But that’s very unlikely to be enough, according to Alan and experts like him.

Alan Morton was a speaker at our Killer Sales Strategies evening in February 2020. If you missed this event, find out more about our upcoming events below. Members attend for free. Non-members can try us out by attending one evening event or watching a webinar for free.

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Written by

Ali El Moghraby

Head of Marketing

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