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How to be an output-focused, not input-focused consultancy

Define, articulate and demonstrate the value that you create – what you bring to a client and why you are worth the investment – and keep working on it.

4 top tips from our Growth Expert, Marc Jantzen 

  1. Ensure you and your whole team can articulate your value proposition clearly and comfortably. Keep working on it until your team get it. The acid test is this: do prospects find it compelling and get drawn in to asking questions to understand more about what you do and how you do it?  

  2. Kick off your client projects with an immediate focus on defining what success will look like and how you will measure it. Measure the change throughout the programme and get creative about how you quantify the impact in financial terms. 

  3. When pitching your service to potential clients, focus on the output you will deliver rather than the process you will deploy. You might be excited about how clever your methodology is, but it is just the means to an end so before you go too technical, make sure your prospect is interested in ‘the how’. 

  4. Gather testimonials (video if possible) where clients are open about the difference you have made and are prepared to quantify the value you create. If they don’t want to share actual numbers then put them at ease by sharing relative, percentage improvements. 

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