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How to value your time and change it as your consultancy grows

As the leader of a boutique consultancy, valuing your time is not just a vague statement, it’s business critical. To drive growth, you must step back from delivery and lead the business.

Here’s the guidance from the Growth Experts

  1. It is probable that how you spend your time in year 1 versus year 3 versus year 5 will need to be very different depending on how you design your business. What matters is to regularly revisit the question, ‘Am I adding the most value in how I am spending my time?’ – Marc Jantzen 

  2. The most crucial thing of all is to spend time ON your business. It is all about intentionality. Plan, test, refine, and evolve. Keep your customers close, do your research, stay fresh and you will do well. – Sarah Matthew 

  3. An inability to delegate equates to an inability to scale. Role model the values you espouse and inspire your people to be their best selves. – Marc Jantzen 

  4. Create a management board right from the early stages and have an expert alongside you so that you can learn from their mistakes. I wish I had this when I was growing my business! If your vision is to grow rapidly, are your experts helping that to happen? – Marcia Marini

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